The episode begins with Abhi tripping and Akshu catching him. They lock eyes and she enters the house. Muskaan questions why she is avoiding him and how she plans to go through with the marriage

if she's not ready. She pleads with Akshu not to proceed with the marriage. Later that night, Akshu is anxious and unable to sleep. She attempts to distract herself.

The Goenkas welcome the Birlas. Manjiri introduces Sujeet and his wife. Manish suggests that they should demonstrate how they treat guests

Akshu arrives and Abhi notices her, smiling. The song "Ranginiya" plays in the background. Shefali playfully teases Abhi

Abhir asks Abhi to wait as Akshu is getting ready. Sujeet requests to be given some work to do.

while Manjiri smiles. Dadi proceeds to tie the Mauli thread and announces that the wedding rituals are about to begin.

She instructs Abhi and Akshu not to leave, as they will first apply haldi and Chandan to Abhi, followed by Akshu.

Akshu hears the sound of a temple bell and assumes that it means she is nearby, even though he cannot see her.