Best connection for internet gaming

If you are a serious gamer and you like to play multi-player games on the internet, you may be wondering what the best connection for internet gaming is. The answer to that question is actually quite obvious – the quicker your connection, the quicker your game play will be. However, not everyone has access to high speed internet connection, so the best connection for internet gaming might just have to be what is available to you.

If you are going to be using a dial-up connection through your modem – which is usually a 56k speed modem – you may have trouble with lag times. That means if you are playing games on the internet with people who have faster connections, you are likely to miss out on some of the action or you won’t be able to keep up with what they are doing as well.

Today, high speed internet connections are more available than ever, though, so if you want to play games online and are serious about it, you will want to have one of these types of connections to get the most out of your gaming experience. The very best connection for internet gaming would be a DSL, cable, or wireless connection. If you live on a college campus, you might even have access to a T1 connection which would be the fastest and best connection for internet gaming.

What you are trying to avoid when finding the best connection for internet game is lagging. Lag time is when your internet connection cannot keep up with the other people’s internet connections. That means you will be performing slower than they are and will fall behind in the game. Lagging will also make your game very jumpy and your characters will not respond to your commands in a timely manner. Lag time can be very frustrating on both ends which is why you need to have the best connection for internet gaming you have access to. There are ways to prevent lagging by setting your ping rate, but that can be a complicated procedure. You are better off just getting a faster connection.

Ideally, the best connection for internet gaming is one that will upload and download at speeds of 30mbs (megabytes per second) or more. A lot of wireless connections operate at around 54mbs and satellite internet will be around 40mbs. Find out what is available in your area and then pick the fastest one that you can afford. The best connection for internet gaming might not be in your price range, but you can only do what is realistically possible for you and your pocket book!

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