How Israel is using starvation as a weapon of war

Rights groups say Israel is denying Palestinians in Gaza access to food and water, a war crime under international law. What can be done?

“Once famine is declared, it’s too late for too many people,” said the spokesperson for the United Nations humanitarian organisation. Gaza’s 2.3 million people are experiencing acute food shortages. The enclave has been under siege with food supplies largely cut off by Israel since war began in October. With essential aid being blocked from entering, the situation is dire. Starvation and child mortality rates due to malnutrition are rising by the day. But at this stage, what can be done to confront this man-made humanitarian disaster?

Presenter: Myriam Francois

Amira Nimerawi – Palestinian Medical Relief Society
Alon-Lee Green – Standing Together
Samer Tarazi – Pilgrims4Peace

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