Satellite Internet

In general satellite internet service has been used where terrestrial – or land-based – internet access is not available such as on boats like cruise ships and navy vessels or in moving vehicles like recreational vehicles. It is high speed internet that is accessed through a simple satellite dish. Satellite internet can be expensive, but it is also one of the fastest internet services allowing you to surf the net in places you normally would not be able to.

Essentially, satellite internet utilizes the satellites that are in space that provide us with satellite television, Doppler weather radar, and many other services sent from space. What happens is that a signal is sent from Earth into space where it meets up with a satellite dish and then is sent back to the Earth-bound satellite dish and – BOOM – you have service. Well, that is the basic, boiled-down version, at least!

The most exciting part about satellite internet service is that you can take and attach a satellite dish to a vehicle and access the internet almost anywhere. So, let’s say you are taking a cross-country year-long road trip in the family recreational vehicle. Let’s just say it is a learning experience that you want to commemorate in an online blog for all to see. Normally, you would have to stop somewhere that has internet access to add to your blog and check your e-mail. But that is not the case anymore. All you need now is a satellite dish attached to the recreational vehicle and a satellite provider – which could be Dish Network or any other satellite provider – and you will be connected to the internet from right there in your RV.

You can have satellite access at sea as well. Most cruise ships utilize satellite internet in their internet cafes so that people can keep touch with loved ones back home while on vacation although why they would want to do that is beyond me. A cruise vacation is meant to help you relax, not stress over spam e-mails and problematic business problems, but that is a matter of personal preference, of course. However, with satellite internet, cruise ships can give their passengers internet access through the use of large dishes placed strategically around the ship.

Satellite internet is the most reliable as well as the fastest of all internet services, but it is also the most expensive. If you use the internet on a daily basis for business purposes and rely on the internet for your business, you may want to make the investment into a satellite internet provider just so you do not have headaches with disconnects and down service.

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