Colombia to cut diplomatic ties with Israel over Gaza war

Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro announced on Wednesday the cutting of diplomatic relations with Israel due to the “genocidal” government in power there.

“If Palestine dies, humanity dies, and we will not let it die,” the left-wing politician said in front of thousands of people in the Plaza de Bolívar in Colombia’s capital Bogotá, where a large International Workers’ Day rally was being held.

Diplomatic ties will be cut with Israel on Thursday, he said.

Petro has criticized Israel several times in recent months and threatened to break off relations.

Back in October, he likened the actions of the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip to the crimes of Nazi Germany.

In response to the comparison, a spokesperson for the Israeli Foreign Ministry announced that exports to Colombia in the security sector would be cancelled.

Israel was an important supplier of military equipment to the South American country, whose armed forces are fighting against guerrilla groups.

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