WATCH: Lawrence Jones Corners Columbia Protester With Great Questions, Shows They Can’t Handle the Truth

One of the problems with the campus radicals and useful idiots is that they don’t really live in reality. 

They talk about an occupation when there is no occupation of Gaza by Israel. They talk about a genocide when there is no genocide by Israel. There is a genocide being attempted by Hamas against Israel, but the radicals and idiots seem to refuse delivery on that reality. 


Fox’s Lawrence Jones asked one of their people hawking propaganda material on the street outside of Columbia University some important questions, and her responses show how empty their positions truly are. 

He asked her first what she felt about them taking over Hamilton Hall. 

She said that she felt their cause was “just.” She said she hoped the administration “really hears their demands” that she thinks they are “just demands.”

No problem at all with them breaking the law. 

Then Jones cornered her about maintenance workers at Columbia, who he said recounted how they were held “hostage” for a period of time by the rioters after they broke into the Hamilton Hall. I wrote about that earlier. 

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“They swarmed the building,” one of the workers told Politico. “I got into a scuffle with a couple of them. They finally let us out,” one of the staffers said, showing off a cut on their hand. The rioters also allegedly assaulted a couple of students who were trying to block them from taking over the building. 


Jones asked her if she thought what happened to the workers was right. That’s when she started going into “KJP mode” — denial is not just a river in Egypt. 

“That’s a really false narrative,” she claimed. 

Jones then grilled her about Jewish students not feeling safe there on campus. 

Again, she claimed: “I think that this is also a really false narrative.” So, the Jewish students don’t really feel what they feel. The people who were attacked or harassed are probably just all imagining it. 

Then Jones tried the big one. “Do you think that October 7th and the attack that happened is a false narrative?”

She probably knew that if she denied that one that would be a bridge too far. She avoided answering it by ducking the question completely and telling him, “Can you get out of my face, please?” 

Jones said, “We are witnessing radicalization in real-time.” 

Janice Dean put it rather succinctly, reducing it to one word: coward. 


They’re such children they just deny what they can’t answer or refuse to admit. 


Cut the power and shut off the water, in addition to expelling them and arresting them. Put them to the test.


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