Guess Who Showed Up at U. of Chicago Pro-Hamas Protest? Anti-American Activist and Obama Pal Bill Ayers

An interesting though not surprising figure showed up at a pro-Hamas protest at the University of Chicago Monday—none other than former Weather Underground co-founder, anti-American radical, and pal to Obama Bill Ayers. Local news outlets reported that he made his appearance near the eighth hour of the uprising and made remarks to students; however what he said is not clear.


If you don’t remember Ayers, he is somewhat of a folk hero to the far left despite the fact he actually was—and probably still—is a “threat to democracy.” His left-wing group allegedly set of several bombs, and he was charged by the FBI but the charges were later dropped due a technicality. For those heroic acts, he was awarded a professorship at the University of Chicago. 

He literally wanted to overthrow the United States government:

Ayers, listed on the University of Chicago’s website as a creative writing lecturer in the school’s Division of the Humanities, is best known for his co-founding of the far-left Weather Underground, a militant organization classified as a Domestic terrorist organization by the FBI that operated throughout the 1960s and ’70s and sought to overthrow the U.S. government.

Worse, he still defends his action to this day:

Ayers was hunted by the FBI for his alleged involvement in the 1970 bombing of the New York City Police Department headquarters, 1971 bombing of the United States Capitol building and the 1972 bombing of the Pentagon. The bombings caused no fatalities aside from three members of the group that were accidentally killed in one of the blasts, while charges against Ayers were later dropped due to the alleged illegal tactics the FBI used to pursue him. When asked over the years about the bombings, Ayers has defended them. [Bolding mine.]


Ayers also famously became a source of controversy during the 2008 presidential campaign when Barack Obama was called out for his friendship with the anti-American activist. At the time, Obama denied they were close, saying Ayers was “just “a guy who lives in my neighborhood”:

Barack Obama has said repeatedly that his association with ’60s radical Bill Ayers, a “radical, leftist, small-‘c’ communist,” as he recently described himself, and one of the founders of the Weather Underground, an anti-war group during the Vietnam period, was entirely in passing. Ayers was just “a guy who lives in my neighborhood,” said Obama, and “not somebody who I exchange ideas with on a regular basis.” 

Of course, there’s more to the story—Obama’s run for the Senate kicked off in 1995 with a fundraiser at the residence of… you guessed it, Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn. Adding further fuel to the fire, the two were partners at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, an initiative to improve public schools.

Ayers’ appearance underscores what many feel is the real aim of the protesters—to create mayhem, endorse violence, and subvert authority. Do they really care all that much about the Palestinians? It would seem not, given the multiple reports of wild-eyed protesters who seem to have no idea what they’re actually demonstrating for or against.



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