DePaul students continue encampment in solidarity with Gaza on Lincoln Park campus

CHICAGODePaul University students announced their plans for the second day of encampment in solidarity with Gaza on Tuesday.

The tents set up throughout the quad at the school’s Lincoln Park campus were allowed to stay despite violating university policy.

DePaul students and faculty are demanding the university cut ties with Israel and end study abroad programs with Israel. Organizers said the gatherings have been peaceful.

Pro-Palastinian students said they’ve made their demands known over the past few months but don’t believe the message was received. That’s why they joined universities across the country in staging an encampment.

There were intense moments with counter-protests and students reporting a hostile environment.

DePaul student Henna Ayesh spent the night in the encampment. She said the university informed them that they were still expected to attend classes.

“I knew the risks that I was taking. I know I’m facing suspension, expulsion, but I’m Palestinian. I have family in Palestine right now, currently in the West Bank. We have people within our community who have family in Gaza, and currently cannot talk to their family in Gaza. And so obviously we’re going to take those risks. I’m a student. I do not want to be investing in suffering and so I’m willing to do what it takes,” Ayesh said.

Students have been warned about disciplinary action and were told that if any of the neighbors call Chicago police, the university cannot intervene.

DePaul’s encampment began on Tuesday, following the lead of students at Northwestern and the University of Chicago.

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