Police Rip Down ‘Palestinian’ Flag and Proudly Raise American One in Lib-Triggering Scene

Columbia University wasn’t the only campus liberated from pro-Hamas lunatics on Tuesday evening. A dramatic scene unfolded at City College in New York as NYPD officers ripped down a ‘Palestinian’ flag with prejudice and hoisted an American one in its place. 


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Video of the event sent left-wingers into fits of rage. 

One officer tears the “Palestinian” flag away from the pole, balls it up, and tosses it on the ground. Others then assist in putting an American flag in its place, proudly raising it over the campus. The officer who threw away the terrorist flag then said something to the camera, though I couldn’t find any video with sound to see what he was saying. It doesn’t seem like he was offering words of encouragement to the Hamas supporters.

As expected, members of the far left lashed out, with one of the reasons being that the officers who changed the flags were black. 

Who is he to tell black Americans that their country has “never given a damn about them?” I’d say those officers would quibble with that assertion, and I’d say they are more of an authority on the matter than some guy from Canada. 


That poster and other left-wingers simply can’t fathom that not all minorities buy into their divisive, corrosive “oppression ideology.” Contrary to the mumblings of those on social media, most black Americans do not see their country as a great evil. 

Those NYPD officers have undoubtedly lived far tougher lives than the trust-fund kids who set up the “encampment” at City College. Yet, they still have pride in the American flag while terror supporters who’ve been given every advantage in life pretend to be oppressed. The contrast is stunning.

There is every indication that these lunatics taking over college campuses in the name of a terrorist group do not enjoy popular support. The vast majority of people look at this chaos and see it as the outbursts of spoiled children. When those officers lifted the American flag back up, they became all of us. 

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