BREAKING: ‘Total Anarchy’ as Violence Erupts at UCLA’s Pro-Hamas Encampment, Police AWOL

Early Tuesday were brought you the story of a mother of a Jewish student at UCLA who requested help from UCLA police for her son, who was prevented from getting to class by Hamas sympathizers who have taken over a portion of central campus. She was told that UCLA PD was not going to interfere with the “protesters.” At that point there had been sporadic incidents of violence, and by Tuesday afternoon UCLA administrators declared the encampment “unlawful” and said that the antisemitic actions of some participants would not be tolerated.


Independent journalist Anthony Cabassa (who was assaulted by pro-Hamas activists earlier in the day) obtained drone footage of the encampment showing protesters being trained in hand-to-hand combat around the same time, “as LAPD expected to tear down the encampment as soon as tonight, and potential fights with police expected.”

On Tuesday evening, pro-Israeli counter-protesters started playing music outside the encampment, then professional agitators streamed onto campus and shot off fireworks toward the encampment and violence ensued. 

By 11 PM, private security officers abandoned their posts, and UCLA PD was nowhere to be found.


Just after midnight Pacific, Cabassa reported that there was still no law enforcement presence. 

Around 12:15 am Pacific Fox LA’s Marla Tellez announced that UCLA PD has requested mutual aid from LAPD. Anarchy and violence are continuing, and as of 12:45 AM Pacific neither UCLA PD or LAPD were on scene, and the private security officers were standing on a staircase observing.

This is a developing story. We will bring you updates as warranted.

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