UChicago, DePaul encampment continue as nationwide protests escalate

CHICAGO — The University of Chicago encampment is entering Day 3 as DePaul students begin their second day of protesting Israel’s war on Gaza as nationwide anti-war protesters challenge their universities’ involvement.

The demands at DePaul are no different than what other demonstrators at different college campuses across the country are calling for — a full disclosure of university investments and to divest from Israel.

A student organizer at DePaul, Henna Ayesh, says she wants to know what money her school is investing in.

“Especially since have had administrators specifically tell us that they are investing in companies that support these kinds of things. I do not want to be involved in my family’s suffering. I am Palestinian. I have family back home,” Ayesh said.

Students took over the quad Tuesday afternoon to protest Israel’s war on Gaza. Leadership at DePaul released a statement addressing the protests yet laying out consequences if university policies are not followed.

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“Violence, harassment, or intimidation as well as actions that interfere with university operations, damage property, or are disruptive to our neighbors — including but not limited to amplified sound — will lead to immediate disciplinary actions, such as suspension or expulsion, and criminal sanctions.”

The University of Chicago has established organized schedules throughout the day that educate, involve and bring awareness to the Palestinian cause. a similar screen is playing out.

Earlier this week, Northwesetern students came to an agreement with university leadership that provides more transparency in the university’s investments in exchange for dismantling the encampment.

There have been a few counter protesters at DePaul and there has been some shouting back and forth but things have overall remained peaceful.

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