A Massive Caravan and Prostitution: The Border Crisis Is About to Get Much Worse

The crisis at the border has reached previously unfathomable levels over the last three years, but believe it or not, things are about to get much worse. 

A large migrant caravan (all of which are seeking to become illegal immigrants) set out on foot from Southern Mexico on Monday. Their destination: The U.S. Southern Border. 


A large migrant caravan comprising many Central Americans and Venezuelans left southern Mexico on Monday for the United States, organizers and officials said, as Washington grapples with renewed pressure on its southern border.

Officials in the southern state of Chiapas said some 3,500 people set off on foot from the city of Tapachula near the Guatemalan border, while one of the caravan’s organizers, Irineo Mujica, said there were around 5,000 in the group.


Most of the latest caravan are from Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras and Venezuela, according to Mujica.

Of the thousands now making the journey across Mexico, many of them will be abused, injured, or killed before they cross the Rio Grande River. Those who do make it into the entire will become indentured servants for the drug cartels that facilitated their travel. 

Does that sound humanitarian to anyone? Or does it sound like it is a profound moral failing to continue to encourage illegal immigration by not securing the border? 


The situation gets worse, though. Are these illegal immigrants coming here to do the jobs Americans won’t do? Well, if revitalizing New York’s redlight districts with prostitution is one of those jobs, then the answer is yes. 

Mayor Eric Adams has blamed the rise in prostitution in Corona, Queens on an influx of female Venezuelan migrants who are struggling to find other work.

The Democrat said Tuesday that “illegal” activity is taking place in the area and said it is just “one example” of how the nation’s migrant crisis is affecting the city.

It is highly probable that many if not most of the women turning to prostitution aren’t doing so of their own volition but are expected to become sex workers in order to pay back the cartels. In other words, the Biden administration’s policies are actually facilitating sex trafficking. Again, does that sound humanitarian to anyone? 

The federal government has a moral duty to put a stop to this, and it only stops when the incentives to come to the country illegally cease to exist along with a strong emphasis on enforcement. That includes reforming the asylum system so that it immediately excludes “economic migrants” who do not have a legitimate claim for protection (and if they do, they should have stopped in the first safe country). Anything else will simply continue the cycle of abuse, death, and violence, never mind the unsustainable resource drain on American taxpayers.


Unfortunately, instead of doing its job, the Biden administration has spent its time trying to gain legal approval to remove border barriers in Texas. With that in mind, things are going to get much worse before Americans have a chance to change course with the 2024 election. 

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