Amid the Chaos, Karine Jean-Pierre Illustrates the ‘Adults in the Room’ Are Cowardly Imbeciles

Amid the ever-escalating chaos in the world, members of the Biden administration continue to illustrate just how out of their depth they are. Once touted as the “adults in the room” during the transition from the Trump presidency, what has followed is a penchant for imbecility that would pass for parody in any other setting, and perhaps no one other than the president himself illustrates that better than Karine Jean-Pierre. 


The press secretary was challenged repeatedly on Wednesday about the antisemitic (and illegal) “encampments” taking over college campuses. Let’s just say her answers were less than stellar, even as Beltway spin goes. Before we get there, though, let’s kick things off with this brilliant response.

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That may or may not explain so much given the importance of protein in one’s diet when it comes to stimulating brain function. If you’re a vegan, I’m sorry for painting with such a broad brush, but only a little bit. 

Anyway, let’s get to the meat of this presser, including the questions about the pro-Hamas protests at colleges like Columbia University and UCLA. A tip to future press secretaries: If you’re going to lie, please be better at it than this.

All this administration knows how to do is play the hits. Is antisemitism a problem? That means it’s time to bring up a tiny rally of a hundred white supremacists that occurred seven years ago. Meanwhile, the president does all but completely ignore the tens of thousands of pro-terror simps shouting genocidal slogans across the country. Also of note is that Biden has absolutely been trying to play “both sides.” Here’s his quote on the matter from just a week prior. 


BIDEN: I condemn the antisemitic protests, that’s why I set up a program to deal with that. I also condemn those who don’t understand what’s going on with the Palestinians and how they’re being (mumbles).

That sure sounds like “both sides” to me, which is ironic given Biden claims he ran for president because of a mischaracterization of Trump’s words regarding Charlottesville. Still, Jean-Pierre persisted when asked about why the president has refused to speak out directly against the violent protests taking place.

JEAN-PIERRE: No other president has spoken about antisemitism than this president. 

REPORTER: But that’s not the question, it’s the protests.

JEAN-PIERRE: And I’m answering it in the way that I believe is the best way to answer your question, which is that the president has been very, very clear. He’s been clear about this. He’s taken action.

To this point, Biden has had his handlers put out tepid statements condemning the violence on college campuses, including the storming of Hamilton Hall. To say he’s been “very, very clear” is objectively false. He’s been anything but clear, instead choosing a path of appeasement and equivocation in a shallow attempt to not lose voters in Dearborn, MI.


“Monitoring the situation” translates to Biden doing a campaign event on Wednesday before jetting off to Delaware (for the umpteenth time) on Thursday. A president with any backbone would have spoken to reporters by now to condemn the violence that has occurred, and if this were Trump refusing to address something like Charlottesville, Biden and all his lackeys would be losing their minds claiming it as an unspoken endorsement.

In short, Biden is a moral coward. He’s mentally, physically, and temperamentally unfit for the office he holds, and those around him are no better. The “adults in the room” are a joke.

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