Mayor Adams Nails Those ‘Outside Agitators’: ‘Global Movement to Radicalize Young People’

There’s a problem that many haven’t been talking about when they talk about the “students” taking over universities with radical encampments. 

That’s the outside agitators. If you look at the places where there have been arrests, this has been something that law enforcement or officials have noted, as Mayor Adams and some of the other officials did on Wednesday talking about the action at Columbia and CCNY. 


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You had crazy things like this, where people in black crawled through the windows of John Jay Hall, a dorm that faces 114th Street.

If people in black are climbing through the windows, it’s because they don’t have IDs to get in as students. Imagine that going on and how concerning that should be, just random people crawling in through dorm windows from the street. That’s why the Jewish Alumni Association was freaking out. There were also reports from other students that people were switching out IDs with students so that outsiders could get onto the campus because security wasn’t bothering to match the faces on the IDs. 

Adams said the outside agitator issue factored into them moving in, and I have to say that they did a very organized job of it. They got the people out, and they did it without giving them their conflicts for propaganda purposes. I was very happy he and his team hit on it because in about 15 years of covering radical leftist protests, officials never seem to acknowledge these things are not organic and/or the radical leftist organizations/people involved. So props to him for finally saying that.


Adams warned that a global movement to “radicalize young people” is being led by individuals who are “not affiliated with the university” but nevertheless recruited students to “create chaos.”

“There is a movement to radicalize young people, and I’m not going to wait until it’s done and all of a sudden acknowledge the existence of it,” he told reporters Wednesday morning. “This is a global problem that young are being influenced by those who are professionals and radicalizing our children. And I’m not going to allow that to happen. As the mayor of the city of New York.” [….]

“There’s nothing peaceful about barricading buildings, destroying property or dismantling security cameras,” Adams said.

He went further on CBS, noting that given the outside agitators, it was clear they had to move in. 


Adams said again a “substantial number” were not students of the two colleges. He referenced one person who was “married to someone who was arrested for terrorism.” 

There has been some speculation on who that is. Adams didn’t answer when he was asked who it was but he did say that “It’s not singular, it’s plural, several organizations and groups” of outside agitators. Yep, and all you have to do is see them rallying people on X and other social media to head out to the various actions to know that. 

There had been some speculation about Sami Al-Arian’s wife, Nahla, after he posted a picture of her at the Columbia campus protest last week. But the police clarified that she was not one of the people taken into custody or involved with the takeover of Hamilton Hall. Sami Al-Arian had previously pled guilty in relation to charges connected to support for Palestinian Islamic Jihad. 

I’ve been saying what Adams said about the people involved since it started: There are a lot of the same leftist organizers involved. It really wasn’t about Occupy, BLM, or whatever the present cause is. It never is. That’s just the shiny object; that’s the thing to draw new people in. It’s about helping move the country to the radical left through chaos. So even though it should have been said by everyone long ago, it’s good to finally hear an official acknowledge what’s actually going on. 


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