‘Stupid’: Woke ‘Professor’ Hears About It After Declaring Columbia Situation As ‘WORSE Than Tiananmen’

As we reported earlier, the NYPD cleaning house and generally taking care of business at Columbia University and City College in New York Tuesday night brought about a predictable wailing and gnashing of teeth from the Usual Suspects, some of whom took aim at the black officers for re-raising “the flag of a country that has never given a damn about them” in place of the Palestinian flag.


The Twitter machine being what it is also brought out the drama queening from purported “historians” and “professors,” some of whom took the opportunity to equate the NYPD’s actions at Columbia to… the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

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Author Andrew Liu, a history professor at Villanova University, declared as he watched the situation unfold that the “nypd is doing a tiananmen style crackdown in uptown and midtown while an NBA playoff game is happening like 500 meters away.”

Not to be outdone, Guangtian Ha, a religion scholar and professor at Haverford College in Pennsylvania whose Twitter feed is chock full of pro-Hamas propaganda, proclaimed in response that the Columbia clearing was even “WORSE” than Tiananmen Square:

Thing is Tiananmen is like WH lawn and this is a university. And for Tiananmen it was weeks of encampment and speeches and mobilising, while this is like what, two weeks? This is WORSE than Tiananmen.

Yeah, because students losing their Wi-Fi and having to miss a meal or two, and not being allowed to occupy a building that doesn’t belong to them totally equates to a murderous government crackdown on free speech. Sure.

One doesn’t need to be particularly well-versed in history to know that the NYPD clearing out Columbia was nothing like Tiananmen Square, as others noted (graphic image warning):


“Seems relevant that nobody was hurt let alone killed. Kind of a big difference from tianamen!” another pointed out.

Plus, as my colleague Nick Arama once observed, the situation in 1989 was also different in one other notable aspect:

Student protesters in China had been peacefully protesting since April for political reforms, some even calling for democracy in Beijing, the center of which was at Tiananmen Square. That was when “peaceful protest” actually meant peaceful protest.

It was a heady and hopeful moment, where you had marches of a million people — with other, Chinese people joining and supporting the students. The world turned its attention to Tiananmen Square, where the students had gathered, knowing that something magical was going on, and hoping, hoping that perhaps that movement that was sweeping away Communism and oppression in other places around the world at that time would touch China and bring freedom.

That’s a stark contrast to the pro-Hamas losers and other assorted Useful Idiots on college campuses who are harassing and intimidating Jews and who are standing in solidarity with a violent and oppressive regime that thinks nothing of martyring their own people for “the cause” – not to mention the barbaric and deliberate ways they inflict cruelty and death on innocent civilians.


While one is entitled to their own opinion, they are not entitled to their own facts, and that goes double for any professor who has been charged with educating future generations. 

If I were a parent of a student at either of those higher ed institutions, I’d be asking some questions right about now about what my son or daughter is being taught, because this ain’t it. Like at all.

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