Gretchen Carlson’s Ignorant Tweet About the AR-15 Sets the Internet Ablaze

The ignorance of people on the left about guns is sometimes mind-boggling. 

Joe Biden has said some real whoppers, including that a bullet from an AR-15 “blows up inside the body.”


Ben Shapiro made a post that highlighted some of that cluelessness from Joe Biden. It’s just astonishing how Biden sits in such a position of power and is always spouting off about guns yet knows next to nothing. He attacked “semi-automatic weapons,” saying they had no socially redeeming value — without realizing that most everyday handguns are semi-automatic. The people who protect him every day carry them, but that’s allowed because Joe is special. You ordinary Americans would not allowed to protect yourselves with those same weapons if Joe Biden had his way.

But what added to the overall ignorance was “journalist” Gretchen Carlson’s response to Shapiro’s post about the AR-15. Carlson has worked for CBS and Fox, yet that doesn’t mean that she knows anything. This may be one of the dumbest posts about the AR-15 that you’re likely to see. 

“Ordinary people didn’t have AR-15s before 2004,” Carlson claimed. 

“They’re not some time-honored American tradition, they’re a recent mistake that we could fix and save thousands of lives in the process.”


Oh my, how wrong can you be? 

Carlson got whacked with a Community Note pointing out how wrong she was about people not having such guns before 2004: “For more than a half-century, the AR-15 has been popular among gun owners, widely available in gun stores and, for many years, even appeared in the Sears catalog.”

Indeed, it’s been available to civilians since it was made in 1959. 

Yes, Gretchen, the right to bear arms is a “time-honored American tradition” (in addition to being a protected Constitutional right). You don’t get to decide what guns people can and cannot have, particularly when you, like Joe Biden, don’t have any idea what you are talking about. 

The perception of the AR-15 is manipulated by the liberal obsession with it and their fixation on mass shootings. But as a percentage of those who are killed with guns, rifles are a very small percentage, and AR-15s are a percentage of that percentage. So this fixation is not based in reality, it’s based on the belief that somehow the AR-15 is some evil weapon/machine gun that can kill more people faster, without understanding it’s a rifle that fires one bullet per trigger pull. The AR-15 is also one of the most popular rifles in the country, with millions in circulation. But let not reality interfere with leftist propaganda, it’s about “Alinsky-izing” the rifle. 


Carlson’s post went viral because it was so incredibly bad. The internet let her have it with a huge ratio. 

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