‘Skinfolk Ain’t Kinfolk’: Soros-Backed Democrats Go Full KKK in Kentucky Governor Race

In the least surprising news to come out of the Kentucky gubernatorial race, in which Democrat governor Andy Beshear faces Republican Daniel Cameron, the commonwealth’s first black attorney general, the Democrats have resorted to crass, racist attacks that would make their KKK ancestors proud. 


And George Soros is involved. Of course. 

The Soros-funded electioneering group Black Voters Matter Action PAC, which has received millions of dollars from a Soros super-PAC, recently aired a radio attack ad that called Cameron “Uncle Daniel,” and made the outrageous claim that “skinfolk ain’t kinfolk,” a liberal refrain that implies Cameron is a traitor to his race.

The “Uncle Daniel” slur is, of course, their not-so-clever way of calling him an “Uncle Tom,” which is Democrat-speak for any black American that dares to stray from the Democrat Party. We’ve seen this kind of attack from the left for years, with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas often being the target for having the nerve to be conservative and successful.


And here’s the transcript:

“What’s up Kentucky? It’s election time, and all skinfolk ain’t kinfolk. Over the past few years, we’ve taken to the streets to demand racial justice, to demand healthcare, and the right to make decisions about our body. And now, Uncle Daniel Cameron is threatening to take us backwards, the same man who refused to seek justice for Breonna Taylor now wants to run our whole state. We can’t let that happen. We won’t let that happen. On November 7th, vote Andy Beshear for governor.”


Pretty ugly stuff, right? Identity politics is the bread and butter of today’s Democrat Party, and there are no depths to which the left won’t sink in order to dehumanize those who don’t march in lockstep with them.

Dare to be a black Republican? You’re an Uncle Tom. Are you a pro-life woman? Then you must be a self-loathing traitor to your gender (whatever that is). Oh, you’re a Jew who supports Israel? There’s a special place in hell for you. Leftist hate, brought to you by the deep pockets of George Soros.

Cameron, who was recently endorsed by Donald Trump, called on his opponent to condemn the vile ad. Beshear declined to do so, claiming it wasn’t a product of his campaign and that he’d let Black Voters Matter Action PAC folks speak for themselves. Well, they certainly did that. 

In response to the ad and Beshear’s failure to condemn it, Cameron campaign surrogate and Republican Party of Kentucky spokesman Sean Southard said:

“Daniel Cameron holds the views of a traditional, conservative Republican. It’s disgusting that someone would liken mainstream Republican views to white supremacy. But this is where the modern Democrat Party has taken us: Kentucky’s first-ever Black gubernatorial nominee is being called a White supremacist because he is a Republican.”


It’s just more of the same from Democrats, who just keep chugging along with their low-brow tactics.

Daniel Cameron and Andy Beshear face off at the ballot box on November 7.

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