Report: Biden Admin Held Secret Talks Involving US Troops Being Stationed in Gaza, Now Denying

According to multiple reports, the Biden administration has been holding “secret talks” about the situation in Gaza that included possibly putting US troops in Gaza after Hamas is defeated.


The US has told Benjamin Netanyahu that a plan is needed for government of the Strip if they succeeded in driving out the terrorists. Israel has repeatedly stated that it does not want to occupy Gaza, but has also said that Hamas can no longer be allowed to rule the enclave.

Among options being discussed is a a multinational force that could include US troops according, sources told Bloomberg. Another possibility would be to put the region under the control of the United Nations.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken did say on Tuesday that multiple options were being discussed.

Some US officials consider the options premature or unlikely. But Secretary of State Antony Blinken alluded to the challenge on Tuesday when he told a Senate panel that the US was examining a range options for the future of Gaza.

“We can’t have a reversion to the status quo with Hamas running Gaza,” Blinken, who will travel to Israel on Friday, told the Senate Appropriations Committee. “We also can’t have — and the Israelis start with this proposition themselves — Israel running or controlling Gaza.”

“Between those shoals are a variety of possible permutations that we’re looking at very closely now, as are other countries,” he said.


However, in the wake of the bombing of the refugee camp, the Biden team is now denying that they were considering putting U.S. troops there, according to the Daily Mail. 

NSC spokesperson Adrienne Watson told Bloomberg they weren’t considering it. 

However, two senators did confirm that a multinational force was under consideration. 

This is typical of Biden, the guy who has been wrong about everything on foreign policy for decades.

Having UN peacekeepers when the UN so hates Israel is also another problematic question. What would likely result would be any such peacekeepers then becoming the target and if the U.S. were involved it would almost guarantee U.S. deaths or hostages, plus being dragged into yet another war on the head of it. 


What might make sense is some sort of Gulf force from the surrounding regions could be established, but it remains to be seen if they would want to put their people in that cauldron either. 

But this is the Biden team going with the cart before the horse, before they’ve even figured out how to get the hostages that exist right now out and getting out the Americans who Hamas wouldn’t let leave the country. How about a little focus on that first? The Biden team has admitted Hamas won’t let Americans leave. How do they plan on getting them out? 

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