UCLA Cancels Classes After Violence Erupts at Pro-Hamas Encampment Overnight

On Tuesday UCLA administrators deemed an encampment of Hamas sympathizers to be “unlawful” and condemned the antisemitic behaviors that were recently documented on campus, such as Jewish students being blocked and denied access to education facilities, and targeted acts of violence. 


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As RedState’s Jennifer Van Laar previously reported, people inside the pro-Hamas encampment were seen in drone footage Tuesday afternoon teaching hand-to-hand combat techniques.

Since Friday, the pro-Israel faction has engaged in non-violent counterprotests, such as playing footage from Hamas’ October 7 ambush attack on a large video screen adjacent to the encampment, playing the Israeli national anthem over a loudspeaker, and, as shown in this video, broadcast videos showing the history of Israel.

After dark, violent agitators from outside the campus showed up and by midnight the scene was complete chaos. UCLA PD were nowhere to be found at that time.

As those outside the pro-Hamas encampment attempted to dismantle the barricades surrounding it, the illegally occupying protestors, armed with lumber, goggles, and helmets, rallied to protect the perimeter of the ‘tent city.’ Videos captured the chaotic scene and physical fights between the groups. 

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Just before 2 AM both UCLA PD and LAPD arrived in riot gear, causing some of the protesters to leave, although LAPD did not break up the clashes taking place at the encampment which continued as law enforcement stood by. Around 3 AM a line of officers pushed the remaining counter-protesters out of the quad area, telling people to leave or be arrested. 


School administrators say that they requested mutual aid from police as the skirmish broke out and condemned the on-campus violence.

In a statement, Mary Osako, vice chancellor for UCLA Strategic Communications, said:

Horrific acts of violence occurred at the encampment tonight and we immediately called law enforcement for mutual aid support. The fire department and medical personnel are on the scene. We are sickened by this senseless violence and it must end.

However, not everyone believes the school did enough to respond to the events, with one professor condemning UCLA’s lack of response. 

Early on Wednesday, Ananya Roy, a professor of urban planning, social welfare, and geography told LA Times:

It gives people impunity to come to our campus as a rampaging mob. The word is out they can do this repeatedly and get away with it. I am ashamed of my university.

In the early morning hours Wednesday, Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom’s office finally responded to the escalating unlawful and bigoted situations on the state’s campuses. 

The social media post indicated that the Governor’s office had moved from monitoring the situation to speaking with the University of California’s president and making “mutual aid” law enforcement resources available.


UCLA has issued an alert message notifying students and faculty that all classes for Wednesday are canceled. Additionally, Powell Library and Royce Hall will remain closed. Despite these closures, the hospital, health system, Luskin Conference Center, and PreK-12 schools will remain open. The university advises individuals to steer clear of the Royce Quad area.

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