Whoops: Hamas Just Completely Nuked All Its Pathetic Apologists

When someone keeps telling you what they want, it’s best to believe them instead of constantly rationalizing what they “really” want. That might seem like a simple rule, but it is one that has been completely ignored by Hamas apologists across the globe, many of whom continue to pretend that the attacks on Israel are just about garnering a two-state solution.


Here’s a good summation of how those conversations usually go.

Luckily, for those still confused, we have a Hamas leader on hand to set the record straight. According to Ghazi Hamad, who lives a life of luxury in Qatar by spending millions of dollars in embezzled aid money, his terrorist government has no intention of formulating any kind of peace. Instead, in his own words, they’ll just keep slaughtering Jews until Israel no longer exists. 

It doesn’t get any clearer than that. Hamas, which is the governing authority in Gaza, has no interest in the two-state solution being bandied about by clownish Western politicians. They are not going to suddenly disengage and act like human beings if Israel takes down the border fencing and extends a hand of peace. Instead, they would simply use that as an opportunity to kill more Jews because, and stick with me here, they just want to kill Jews. 


American college campuses and newsrooms, among other places, are filled with naive imbeciles who believe that all cultures are the same and ultimately want the same things. They simply can’t fathom anyone could think differently than they do. No matter how much evidence emerges, they refuse to believe that Gazans don’t want a secular state, living in peace with their Jewish neighbors. Rather than living in reality, they project their own desires onto a group of people who do not share them. 

This is why, despite the tragedy of lives lost, Israel is not going to stop until Hamas is destroyed. All the arguments about a two-state solution have been scuttled by Hamas, who has made it clear they do not want one. It’s long past time for pampered Westerners to believe them. 

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