Biden Talks About When He Wrote Bad Checks and Makes Delusional Remarks About Your Retirement Money

You have to hand it to Joe Biden, sometimes he has true gall to say the things that he does. 

Biden had a typical Biden day: barely anything on his public schedule. Certainly not anything related to any of the crises that he has helped set into motion, such as Americans trapped and/or being held hostage in Gaza. 


But he did deliver remarks from the White House about “protecting Americans’ retirement security.”

You can read those remarks here. But what’s notable about them is that there’s nothing in there that protects anyone’s retirement security. It’s a recitation of how he’s working to cut junk fees. So? People may not like junk fees, but they’re usually very limited and minor. Meanwhile, Biden’s inflation has cost us hundreds more every month on all kinds of spending, including vital necessities like food and gas. He’s making people empty their retirement accounts and come out of retirement just to pay for basic living expenses. That’s all on him. So how dare he act like doing away with some small fee is helping protect people’s retirement? He’s taking money right out of our pockets and making it harder to live, then pretending like he’s doing us favors. 


“An awful lot of people don’t think about that retirement when they’re 20, 30, 40 years old,” Biden said. Many people put all the money they save at the end of the month into their retirement account, he added. 

The problem is that under Biden they can’t save for that retirement. That’s the chief concern now — just getting by — thanks to Biden. 

But he doesn’t seem to care about the reality of that. He just spouts the nonsense he creates in his mind and hopes someone buys it. If they even understand what he’s saying. 

But if the delusional and the unintelligible remarks weren’t enough, there was this moment when Joe Biden tried to explain how he bounced checks in the past. 


“When you’ve bounced a few checks like I did, you know when I was trying to get started, it, uh,” Biden said. Then he seemed to realize what he had said and bailed out on explaining further, ” Well anyway, that’s over.” 

Wait, what? Did he just confess to a crime? Could any of the media even begin to ask a question about this instead of laughing in the background on the video? And perhaps this explains so much — why he has no idea what he’s doing when it comes to the economy and why the family grifts to make side money. 

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