Woman Who Displayed Anti-Semitic Sign That Shocked World Finds Out That Actions Have Consequences

There have been a lot of vile anti-Semitic reactions to Israel defending itself after it was viciously attacked and more than 1400 people were killed. We saw things like the people in New York City chanting in support of the Hamas terrorists and calling for Israel to be eliminated. But there were similar rallies around the world, showing we have a big problem with some very twisted people, many of whom are radical leftists. 


One reaction that got a lot of attention was a Norwegian medical student who held up a sign that said “Keep the world clean” with a Star of David in the trash can. 

Nexta then published an interview of her trying to justify herself. She claimed to love everyone and just be against the Israeli government, but then she called the attack on Israel “resistance” to occupation and claimed even the UN said they had a right to resist. 


She was identified as Marie Andersen, a student at the Warsaw Medical University. She’s now found out there are consequences for actions — she’s been suspended from her medical school. 

Our sister site Townhall picked up how Anderson responded to the furor in Algemeiner. She claimed the sign wasn’t directed at Jews but at the Israeli government which she characterized as “dirty.’ 

Asked why she had designed such a placard, Andersen replied that it “contains an Israeli flag in the bin to illustrate how dirty I think the Israeli government is, both in this warfare, but also by running an apartheid state for decades.”  

She claimed that she’d been misinterpreted, but she was upset at how this might hurt the activist movement against Israel. 

She went to say that she was “sorry for everyone who has been affected by this misinterpretation of the message during the demonstration. I condemn antisemitism and any hatred directed against any religion.”

Andersen concluded her remarks by emphasizing, “I also want to express that I am sorry for how this has undermined the pro-Palestinian movement.” 


She thinks that Hamas has a right to “resist” but apparently Israel doesn’t. Plus, the people of Gaza are stuck in this position because of Hamas and their continual terrorist actions. If she truly cared about the people there, she’d cheer Israel getting rid of Hamas which is the best thing that could happen for the people of the region. But notice she isn’t saying that. She’s just upset that her actions had consequences she didn’t like. She’s not thinking about the actions the Israelis had to face from the vicious attack or that Hamas still wants to wipe them off the face of the earth. 

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